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Industry Partners

Become a FleetCheck Partner and open doors to new and untapped business.

Joining FleetCheck's acclaimed Partner Programme is like adding a new, highly lucrative string to your business bow, but without the the development time, effort and other pressures usually associated with the expansion of your service portfolio. The Programme opens up a valuable new tier of fleet products and services for your business; raising your fleet management profile, instantly enhancing your own client offering, and giving you an exciting range of new and inspiring routes to market. 

Partner Services include:

  • Fleet Management Software
  • Integrated Vehicle Tracking
  • Electronic Licence Checking
  • Fleet Policy and Driver Handbook
  • Risk Management
  • Driver Management
  • Vehicle Supply and Funding
  • Vehicle/Driver Safety Equipment
  • Speed and RPM Limiting Software
  • FTA FleetGuides

Our Partners include:

  • Brokers
  • Leasing Companies
  • Telematics Providers
  • Fleet Consultants
  • Health and Saftey Advisers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Vehicle Supply and Funding
  • Vehicle/Driver Safety Equipment
  • Speed and RPM Limiting Software
  • FTA FleetGuides

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For a FREE demonstration of the software and services, and to find out about the many ways you can benefit from becoming a FleetCheck Partner.

Benefits Include:

A multitude of great reasons to make contact with clients.
A wealth of fleet management information is at your disposal, for easy onward communication, conversation-starters and valid reasons for proactive contact outside of your normal sale process.

A market-leading range of fleet management products and services to add to their portfolio…and their bottom line. FleetCheck’s fleet management software can be branded and given as a value-added service to your clients, or can provide you with a lucrative revenue stream alongside a myriad of other fleet services.

Valuable behind-the-scenes detail on clients’ fleet management habits and activities.
Access to vehicle mileage, maintenance, finance, vehicle usage and vehicle replacement data provides advance knowledge of clients’ future requirements, helping you to proactively pitch for future business.

A distinct advantage over competitors.
A new level of consultative fleet management expertise will give you the edge; both in developing existing client relationships, and in attracting new prospects to your network.

Licence Checking
We help you fulfil your legal obligations to ensure that your staff driving licences are valid and that they cover the vehicle they are driving.
Fuel Management
Take control and monitor fuel consumption to maximise the efficiency of your fleet.
Vehicle Telematics
Monitor driving behaviour, fuel consumption and the GPS location, all in real time.
Driver Management
Through our range of unique and targeted risk solutions we deliver results that ensure Better Driving for your Business.
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