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What Our Clients Say:
  • “The FleetCheck team has been extremely flexible in taking on board our feedback, and developing the software accordingly. As a result we’ve been able to confidently evolve from managing fleet compliance to delivering an all-encompassing, company-wide culture of fleet safety. FleetCheck’s software delivers the robust, reliable framework that gives us complete peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to comply with our duty of care and operator obligations.”
    Fleet Management Department, Polypipe
  • “My company has been using FleetCheck’s software to manage our vehicles and drivers for many years. During that time we have seen the software evolve considerably, however it has always remained a highly user friendly system, providing exactly the right level of record keeping functionality.”
    Lee Sharland, Director – Sharland Roofing Ltd< />
  • “We evaluated several software solutions before selecting FleetCheck, and we have never looked back since. We now know the exact location of all of our vehicles at any given time, making job allocation and driver efficiency much easier to manage, and also saving time and effort when it comes to apportioning fines and monitoring speeding and other driving issues.”
    Graham Short, Fleet and Property Operations Manager - Evander Glazing and Locks
  • “On discovering FleetCheck I instinctively took to the ‘look and feel’ of the software, especially the traffic light alert system, but what I found particularly unique about FleetCheck’s solution was the ability to manage my company’s plant and equipment as well as our vehicles.”
    Malcolm Atkins, Compliance Manager – Martinspeed Ltd
  • “We were using a variety of spreadsheets to manage our fleet, but were realising that this method was unreliable. We felt that a fleet software system would make it easier to keep track of our fleet administration, and we chose FleetCheck because their system stood out as being the most user-friendly and relevant to our needs.”
    Daphne Warren, Fleet Controller - The Able Group
  • “The ‘one stop shop’ solution appeals greatly to us and I am now using the system to store all of our fleet data including fuelcards, vehicle insurance, …the list is endless, and I know we are only using about 50% of what’s on offer so I’m excited to see what else the system can help us with as we move forward.”
    Malcolm Atkins, Compliance Manager – Martinspeed Ltd
  • "I can’t fault the support we receive from the FleetCheck team. What’s more, the automated integration with other data sources such as online licence checking and TomTom tracking results in a truly joined-up solution; improving controls, saving time and ultimately satisfying our directors that the management of our fleet is in safe hands."
    Graham Short - Fleet and Property Operations Manager - Evander Glazing and Locks
  • “Visually it’s very simple to navigate, but the depth of functionality makes FleetCheck’s software a truly complete package. I would be 100% confident in recommending FleetCheck to other companies.”
    Malcolm Atkins, Compliance Manager – Martinspeed Ltd
  • “I love that I don’t have to worry about services and MOTs any more; the brilliant traffic light alert system gives me plenty of advance notice of approaching events and means I can manage my drivers, plan servicing and repairs around the business and keep vehicle downtime to a minimum.”
    Daphne Warren, Fleet Controller - The Able Group
  • “FleetCheck’s flexible alert system allows me to work 8-12 weeks ahead, thus minimising the impact to the business of vehicle downtime - a huge benefit in terms of both time saving and cost avoidance.”
    Malcolm Atkins, Compliance Manager – Martinspeed Ltd
  • "We have been able to move away from relying on spreadsheets to manage our administration, and instead are able to use FleetCheck’s online system for effective information management, control and reporting. We have always received a high quality service from FleetCheck and we would be confident in recommending them to other companies with similar fleets."
    Martyn Matthews - Group Procurement Manager - GreenSquare Group
  • “A major benefit is the integration between FleetCheck and TomTom’s Webfleet system – the automated mileage capture saves me a lot of time and gives me confidence that mileage records are accurate.”
    Daphne Warren, Fleet Controller - The Able Group
  • “The system itself was by far the most user-friendly and competitively priced one we evaluated and I can’t fault the support we receive from the FleetCheck team.”
    Graham Short, Fleet and Property Operations Manager - Evander Glazing and Locks
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